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Black Cat Rat Trap

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The original Black Cat Rat Trap is a highly powerful and effective rat break back trap. Provides a swift, clean kill!

  • Extremely powerful rat trap
  • Heavy Duty, robust construction
  • Much larger than conventional rat traps
  • Ideal for use with non-toxic attractants
  • Humane and instant kill

Dimensions: (w)110mm x (h)160mm x (d)160mm

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The Black Cat Trap is an extremely powerful and robust rat trap. It is very economical and reusable for years of service. It is easy to bait, and it entices rodents to the ideal location for a swift and human kill. The tried and tested traditional design has a proven track record of incredible efficacy and has quickly become a favourite for hundreds of pest controllers in the UK.  

Can be used with non toxic blocks as an attractive bait.