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Darran Lebeter
Darran Lebeter
Head of Sales

Darran brings over 15 years of industry experience to 1env, he is RSPH qualified with a vast technical and product knowledge, Darran is always on hand to offer informed advice for all scenarios you may encounter.
01702 887 820

Rob Ruta
Technical & Sales

Rob brings over 8 years of industry experience to 1env and has extensive pest control product knowledge. Being RSPH Level 2 qualified, Rob is always pleased to help and is committed to providing excellent customer service.
01702 887 821

Richard Howcroft
Technical & Sales

Richard brings over 11 years of industry knowledge and experience to 1env. Being fully RSPH level 2 qualified and having worked in the field, he is always on hand to assist with any product or technical questions you may have.
01702 887 822

Ollie Hewett
Head of Marketing

Ollie gives 1env the leading edge in our marketing campaigns, exhibitions and our product catalogues. Ollie is also responsible for ensuring that all of our promotions, exhibitions & personalisation run smoothly.
01702 887 814