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Detex Blox 4kg

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This highly palatable & non-toxic bait can be used during all types of weather. The fluorescent monitoring block contains a special dye, that once passed through the rodents the droppings can be traced with a UV torch. 


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Reformulated using Lumitrack, droppings glow bright green under UV light.  Highly palatable non-toxic monitoring bait. There is now a demand from food manufacturers and large industrial businesses to monitor constantly for rodents with non-toxic bait. Detex Blox fits perfectly into this situation. The new Detex Blox from Bell contains a fluorescent marker that glows under UV light to aid with tracking infestations.

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Rats: Place 3-6 DETEX BLOX every 9-15 meters (30 to 50 feet)
Mice: Place 1-2 DETEX BLOX every 2-4 meters (6 to 14 feet