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Eradisect® Flying & Crawling Insect Killer

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Eradisect is the best flying and crawling insect killer spray on the market. With rapid knockdown and good flushing properties, insects will no longer cause problems.

  • Our fly killer spray has good residual properties
  • It also acts as an effective repellent
  • Approved and safe for use by amateurs
  • 600ml sized aerosol

 Pyrethrins 0.2% Cypermethrin 0.11%

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Eradisect Crawling Insect Killer is suitable for professional and amateur use against a range of crawling and flying insects.

Controls: Flies, wasps, cockroaches, ants, fleas, moths, bed bugs, lice and all other flying and crawling insects.

This product is made here in the UK. With the rising costs of importing products, it has never been a better time to buy British. Buying UK made product not only means you are helping to reduce our carbon footprint, but you are also supporting UK manufacturers. We’re proud to be a UK manufacturer and supporter of UK trade, and pride ourselves on manufacturing and sourcing the highest quality UK made products wherever possible.

HSE: 9971

Application rate

Spray our insect killer directly on surfaces. For example, a 4-5 second burst is suitable for 1m, 2m, or 2-4 linear metres of skirting board.

To flush insects out

  1. Spray hiding places from 5cm and then spray crawling insects directly for rapid kill.
  2. For several weeks of effective residual control, spray from 30cm until wet onto surfaces where insects crawl or hide.
  3. Concentrate spray around cracks, corners, behind cookers and refrigerators, and under sinks, mattresses and bed frames.
  4. Once complete, re-spray surfaces after cleaning; repeat when needed.

Flies, wasps and mosquitoes

Spray walls of stables and outbuildings, windows and door frames, shady humid surfaces out of doors, wheelie bins and other places where flies, wasps and mosquitoes like to rest. Once finished, repeat the treatment when necessary.

Dog ticks and fleas

To treat dog ticks and fleas using our crawling insect spray, spray carpets and other places where these pests are found. Including areas around skirting boards and cracks in walls and between cupboards. Do not spray the animal, and make sure the location where the animal sleeps is dry before the animal re-enters.

Carpet beetles and clothes moths

Spray under carpets, rugs and furniture, in cupboards, wardrobes, and drawers. For maximum effectiveness when using Eradisect insect spray, repeat at regular intervals.

Bed bugs

To treat bed bugs, first, spray bed frames and all furniture. Please pay special attention to cracks and crevices; also seams of mattresses and any place where the bugs conceal themselves. Mattresses must be dry before putting the sheets back on.