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Flea Trap & Refills

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A heat lamp Flea Trap that is highly effective for monitoring flea infestations.

  • Fleas are attracted by the warmth of the lamp and become trapped on the sticky glue pad.
  • The refill kit includes a spare bulb and sticky pads.
  • Can be used over and over again with the refill kits.
  • Easy to use, simply place it in the desired location and plug it in.
  • Using a heat lamp as a flea trap is a non-toxic method to remove the need for insecticides, chemicals and flea bombs. Making it entirely safe to use around children and pets.
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Flea Trap
Flea Killer Refill Pack

This heat lamp is designed to mimic warm-blooded animals to attract fleas from bedding and carpets over a 10-metre Radius. It is an effective trap that is for monitoring flea infestations. A spare bulb and sticky pads are included in the refill kit.

Using a heat lamp as a flea trap is a safe and effective way to monitor and control flea infestations. Heat lamps require no insecticide or chemicals and naturally mimic warm-blooded animals to attract fleas.

Flea Killer Trap Refill Pack. Contains 3x replacement sticky pads and 2x spare bulbs for the Flea Killer Trap. 7 watt bulb rated for 1,000 hours continuous use. Replacement sticky pad only needs to be changed every 2-4 weeks.