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Plastic Coated Wire 100m

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  • Stainless Steel Plastic Coated Wire for use on post and wire systems, fixing bait stations and more.
  • Covered in UV stabilised clear nylon coated to 0.7mm finished diameter.
  • 0.45mm 1 x 7 stainless steel wire.
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UV stabilised clear nylon coated stainless steel wire works effectively for a range of purposes. Including bird proofing, pest control and general garden use.

Installing Post & Wire Systems: 

Post and wire is an effective method but should only be used in low pressure situations against pigeons and gulls. This system will not work against other pest birds. Before installing post and wire systems, it is important to make sure the area is cleaned by removing any guano and debris, such as flaking paint. This ensures proper adhesion. Install posts at maximum intervals of 1.5m. Drill a hole in to the ledge, place a nylon anchor rivet in to the hole and insert a post. Post pads can be used for surfaces that are not suitable for drilling.
Loop plastic coated stainless steel wire through the eye of the post and secure with a crimp. Insert a spring through the eye of every 4th or 5th post, then loop wire through the eye of the spring and pull taut so that the spring begins to open and secure with a crimp. Continue this process along the length of the ledge. If more than one row is required install additional rows at a maximum distance of 65mm apart.