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Brown House Moth (Hofmannophila pseudospretella)

Brown House Moth (Hofmannophila pseudospretella)


The Brown House Moth requires a high proportion of animal protein in its diet including feathers, wool and hair - a diet which is reflected in its behaviour as a scavenger. Widespread and common in both domestic situations and food storage environments. Known to be a major pest in food preparation and museum surroundings where its presence may pose a threat to public health and stock. Occurrences may be linked with birds’ nests.

The adult moth is around 8mm in length with an Open wing span 15–25mm. Bronze-brown in colour, with dark brown to black flecks on the forewings. When at rest the wings are folded over the body and a noticeable fringe of hairs on the tips of the wings can be seen. The Larvae are around 6mm, white with a brown head.

Eggs are laid singly within the food substrate. Hatching occurs between 10 and 40 days depending upon conditions. Larvae produce silken tunnels within the substrate and may exist 2 - 5 months before pupation. Diapause may extend the effective length of the life cycle.

Removal of birds’ nests, and general aggregations of food / organic matter are recommended. Frequent vacuuming of these areas will reduce the breeding potential by physical removal of all stages in the life cycle. Where appropriate, use of a residual insecticide spray will provide control.

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