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Phorid/Scuttle Flies (Family phoridae)

Phorid/Scuttle Flies (Family phoridae)


Phorid flies are found throughout the world and are a serious pest when found in food producing, food handling or food serving facilities. Fermenting materials such as fruit, dirty rubbish containers, rotten vegetables or slime in drains are just a few of their favourite breeding and feeding places. The reproductive potential of these flies is tremendous and very large numbers of them may appear in a short time.

Up to 3mm in length, including the wings. Black, brown or yellowish in in colour. Humpbacked shape thorax. The phorid fly breeds and feeds primarily on moist decaying organic matter. The adult flies have a characteristic habit of scuttling in a fast run instead of immediately taking to the wing when disturbed.

Larvae develop in moist areas where organic material and standing water are present. Phorid larvae also develop in animal matter. The life cycle from egg to adult can be completed in as little as 14 days under ideal conditions.

Infestations often originate from blocked or broken drains and sewers. The key to controlling phorid fly infestations is to locate and eliminate their breeding sources. A space spray using an aerosol labelled for flying insects or Ultra Low Volume treatment will provide a rapid knock-down for small infestations.

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