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Silverfish (Lepisma saccharina)

Silverfish (Lepisma saccharina)


Silverfish are nocturnal so are not often seen by during the day, they can run very swiftly. Occasionally, they are found in bathtubs, where they crawl in seeking food or moisture and can't climb out. These insects prefer vegetable matter with a high carbohydrate and protein content, however, indoors they will feed on almost anything.

12.5 – 25mm in length, brown or silver-grey in colour. Silverfish are small, soft insects without wings. The abdomen has three filaments extending from it. A household pest, they feed on cereals and nonfood items such as paste, paper, and starch in clothes, rayon fabrics and dried meats.

Adults lay eggs in small groups containing a few to 50 eggs. The eggs are very small and deposited in cracks and crevices. A female normally lays less than 100 eggs during her lifespan of two to eight years. Under ideal conditions, the eggs hatch in two weeks, but may take up to two months to hatch. The young nymphs are very much like the adults except for size. Several years are required before they are sexually mature, and they must mate after each moult if viable eggs are to be produced. Populations do not build up rapidly because of their slow development rate and the small number of eggs laid.

The presence of Silverfish is an indication of damp conditions. Identify and repair leaks etc. Areas with high humidity and condensation can also be the cause of Silverfish infestations. If large numbers of Silverfish are present they can easily be controlled with a residual insect spray or dust labelled for crawling insects.

Products to control Silverfish:

Cimetrol Super RFU (300ml)
Cimetrol Super RFU is a ready for use water-based spray to control bedbugs, fleas and other crawling and flying insects.

Silverfish Ninja (Pack 24)
The Silverfish Ninja is a highly effective, non-toxic trap for catching Silverfish. This trap with tablet mimics a feeding and hiding place which attracts the silverfish.

Ecorex Action Plus (1L)
Ecorex Action Plus is an insecticide product for professional use against flying and crawling insects.