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Spider Beetles (Niptus hololeucus) (Ptinus tectus)

Spider Beetles (Niptus hololeucus) (Ptinus tectus)


Sharing a similar biology the Australian Spider Beetle and the Golden Spider Beetle are a widespread pest in the food industry. They are nocturnal foragers and their larvae are known to bore through many types of food packaging. The life cycle of the Australian Spider Beetle and the Golden Spider Beetle is usually complete within 9-12 months, there being up to two generations per year. Spider beetles are typically found in cooler areas preferring temperature of 25°C or below. The highest temperatures at which these beetles survive is 30°C and adults quickly die at temperatures above 38°C.

Ptinus tectus is 2.5 - 4.0 mm in length and the wing cases are covered with short, goldenbrown hairs.

Niptus hololeucus is usually a little larger, 3 - 4.5 mm long, with wing cases covered by long, silky golden-yellow hairs.


The source of infestation should be traced and eliminated. Old bird's nests should be removed and destroyed. Good Hygiene practices, stock rotation, quarantine of inbound stock and monitoring should be considered. Fumigation, residual spraying, dusting and temperature / atmospheric control may be applicable.

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