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Springtails (Collembola species)

Springtails (Collembola species)


There are 250 species of springtails in the UK, Small, wingless insects which usually live in soil but occasionally come indoors, into damp kitchens, cellars and outbuildings.

2mm-5mm in length. Vary in colour from light grey to nearly black. They are wingless and have very limited vision, and in many cases are completely blind. A leaping organ on the end of the abdomen provides the “jump” which gives them their name.

Females lay their eggs in cracks and crevices near a food source. The nymphs hatch and feed on decaying organic matter and fungus spores. The nymphs moult several times and reach maturity in around 2-3months. Life span varies from species to species.

It is necessary to clean the area and eliminate any water leaks to correct this type of situation. For a temporary solution, you may use a household aerosol or residual insecticide spray labelled for crawling insects. However, the problem is likely to recur if the moisture and organic matter are not removed.

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