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Rotech® Snap Trap Rat

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  • Rotech Rat Snap Traps are durable spring-loaded break-back traps that provide a fast, clean kill. 
  • These traps designed to kill rats are set from behind to protect the operator’s fingers.
  • Compatible with all rat bait stations sold by 1env.

 (h)68mm x (w) 75mm x (d)138mm 

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These high quality, snap traps for rats are extremely powerful and provide a quick, clean, non-toxic and humane way to get rid of a rat infestation. At 1env, we're passionate about ensuring pests are dispatched without unnecessary suffering. Our Rotech snap trap range, has been tried and tested by hundreds of pest controllers across the country and ensure a humane and swift kill every time. These new and improved rat traps has a fibre-glass base.