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Trappit BB Detector Plus - Bed Bug Monitor (Pk 20)

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  • The Trappit Bed Bug Detector uses an advanced pheromone lure technology and is the most sensitive detection product on the market.
  • Industry-leading bed bug trapping to gather all bed bug lifeforms (eggs, nymphs, adults).
  • Bed bug detectors are used to identify an infestation's boundaries and confirm that a treatment has been successful.
  • Supplied in packs of 20, bed bug monitors come with a dry-touch, no-mess glue.
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The Trappit BB Detector should be placed in areas where a bed bug infestation is expected, such as on the floor next to skirting boards and under the bed's headboard. This placement allows for effective and discreet identification of the presence of bed bugs, but please only leave the traps in a room for one week.

Once an infestation has been identified using bed bug monitors, the extent of the infestation should be treated with our range of bed bug products and insecticides. If no bed bugs are caught in the monitor following the recommended placement duration, this does not guarantee that the room is free from bed bugs.

Additionally, to the untrained eye and without knowledge of insect morphology, bed bug nymphs can sometimes be misinterpreted as other insects, such as booklice. If there is doubt in confirming the presence of trapped insects, it is recommended to consult a qualified entomologist. The bed bug trap is intended as one of the 'tools' available to assist the professional user in implementing control measures according to the recommended best practice guidelines to control bed bugs.

The trap has a two-year storage shelf life and is recommended to be replaced every four weeks when in service.