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Cardboard Mouse Box - (pk100)

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A quality small cardboard mouse box printed with warnings and regulatory baiting information. The inside of this box in lined with a wax film for extra durability and resistance against absorption of rodenticides. For use in inaccessible areas only.  

Dimensions: (h) 48mm x (w) 120mm x (d) 48mm

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These disposable cardboard mouse boxes are ideal for monitoring rodenticide bait take, for use in inaccessible areas only in places such as under kitchen units, boiler rooms, airing cupboards and other inaccessible areas.

Cardboard boxes can result in a faster acceptance of bait than some tamper-resistant bait stations.  Suitable for all types of bait, including whole wheat, pasta sachets, block baits and tube baits. Caution should be undertaken on the boxes’ placement, and they should not be put in locations where non-target animals are present.

These boxes have a wax film coating to help protect against moisture and bait absorption.