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Fruit Fly Ninja (Pk12)

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  • The Fruit Fly Ninja trap is a highly effective liquid attractant for fruit fly.
  • With an easy stick and go adhesive, you can place the trap anywhere convenient. Just make sure to keep out of direct sunlight.
  • The fruit fly killer uses a non-toxic liquid and an environmentally friendly bottle made from recycled plastic.
  • With a pack of 12, you'll be able to stay fruit fly free for many months to come.

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The Fruit Fly Ninja is a highly effective, non-toxic fruit fly trap. It mimics a feeding and breeding place and when flies crawl in; they cannot get out. It works entirely on a mechanical basis and contains no active substances that kill the flies. The natural liquid only has food products, is completely non-toxic and is not deadly to fruit flies. The flies die of old age or exhaustion.